5 July 2015

How to use decks to enhance your outdoors

In architectural terms, any flat surface which supports weight & is usually elevated from the ground is called as a deck. Most often decks are part of a building and they are usually constructed outdoors with an added railing around them for safety purposes.
  • Wood is the most-preferred material for building decks as wooden decks last for a long time.
  • Wooden or timber decks can be used in various ways to enhance the surroundings like as part of a garden landscape, or as an outdoor extension of the house.
  • Since they are elevated from the ground, decks can be accessed either through a staircase or through doors directly from the house.
  • There are different types of decks which can be constructed depending up on your requirement and your budget. From residential decks to roof decks to observation decks, the designs for decks can be customized as per your need & want to enhance your home & your surroundings. 

Hire a professional deck builder

  • Though it may look easy to build a deck, it takes a decent amount of technical knowledge along with good carpentry skills to build a good sturdy deck.
  • In most cases where people don’t have the required knowledge to build your own deck, the best option is to hire professional deck builders who are competent enough to construct high quality long lasting decks.
  • Be it building any kind of deck, these professional deck builders are skilled enough to create all kinds of decks that a homeowner may want.
  • When you hire a deck builder, you can be rest assured that you would not have to worry about anything as right from helping you choose the right design based on your requirement to selecting the material & constructing the deck and putting in the right finishes, all would be handled by them without giving you any kind of hassles.
But building a deck does not come cheap. A high quality deck meeting safety standards can cost anywhere from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousand dollars based on the design, the materials used & the labor charges of the local deck builder from whom you are getting it made.

Choosing your contractor

A well-designed deck can add a new dimension to your home by providing an open outdoor space that can be used for entertaining or relaxing. But it is absolutely necessary for you to ensure that any decks you build or get built are done following strict safety standards as unstable decks can be a cause of grave danger to the people using it plus people living in their immediate surroundings.
  • If you are hiring a professional contractor to build your deck there are certain things that you would have to keep in mind before giving out the contract.
  • Most of the contractors will give you a free estimate of the cost along with rough sketches for your deck. It is ideally recommended to get at least three estimates from licensed contractors before you finally decide on any one contractor.
  • Be sure to check the contractor’s licenses, along with any recommendations that you may get from friends and family members.
  • Please ensure that you check the references given by the contractor – their past work, their professionalism & level of services provided, etc. Decks can be a beautiful part of your home adding to its beauty & value at the same time giving you much required space & openness around your home. Ensure you choose the right deck builder & get the deck of your dreams which would be guaranteed to last as long as your home!

3 March 2014

Ideas to Revegetate the Kitchen

When the spring season arrives, we want to bring nature in every room of the house. And why not in the kitchen? Vegetated your kitchen and give it an air spring by bit, we found for you 5 very decorative ideas!
  1. A Vegetated Island
  2. In this kitchen, the plants are not just aesthetic! In fact, They allow to separate into two islands to provide one side work top and the other as a dining area.

  3. A Plant Table
  4. In this kitchen, the plants are not just aesthetic! In fact, They allow to separate into two islands to provide one side work top and the other as a dining area.

  5. A Green Wall
  6. Why not use the plants to close your kitchen? With a modular kitchen partition, you can create a wall That Will host a multitude of flower pots That Will bring in nature into the room.

  7. Herbs on the Credenza
  8. To revegetate the modern kitchen, think of herbs All which also Will be practical for the preparation of aesthetic meal. To have on hand, for example, you can hang a pot on the credenza.

  9. Flower Pots on Cupboards
  10. Feel free to use the untapped Areas of your kitchen to drop pots of green plants. For example, A Few-have pots on the high cupboards to bring Some natural vegetation in the kitchen. Also You can dedicate a shelf, wall A Few pots.

24 September 2011

Welcome to DP Doors

Welcome to DP Doors - We are Faridabad based manufacturers and suppliers of wooden doors, home furniture and office furniture of a very high quality.